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i think it's time for another switcharound meme! 

7 deviants said gather round friends, if you're an intermediate artist and you're interested LEMME KNOW :la:
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4 deviants said past memes: Switcharound Number 3 c: by KeiichouSwitcharound Meme 2 by KeiichouSwitcharound Meme! by Keiichou



Oct 31, 2014
1:34 pm
Oct 30, 2014
6:52 pm
Oct 30, 2014
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Oct 30, 2014
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Oct 30, 2014
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Commission Sheet by Keiichou


i'm working on a little horror game c: 
lie down on the smooth footpath
it has been warmed by the sun for
many hours
lie down and feel the heat against
your back and the ants that begin
to crawl through your dry hair
and read the sky

spread out your arms on the footpath and
gaze ahead
into the roiling black heavens
just wait there, wait until they
open upon you
and warm
and humbling

blotting circles pattern around you until the sky and the path are painted the same
but for a smiling rain angel where you lie
sheltering beneath you
and that strong, heady scent of petrichor that surrounds you

everything becomes wet
carbon, concrete, chlorophyll
the tickling ants run for shelter and you
become free
let this all-consuming deluge wash you away
forget the nuances of a crowded, bustling life
money, jobs, responsibilities
human injustice

for just a few minutes while the warmth fades
you don't need to be afraid
you are a child of the earth
just breathe
and free your mind

when you are done and drenched
roll over
and let your rain angel dissolve too
your imprint on the world fades like all must fade
brush your wet hair back out of your eyes and know that you'll be okay
and you are beautiful
you are made of the rain and
the leaves and
the earth and
the stars, you see

and when you die you will return to nature all
when it is your time, do not fear death;
you will become a rain angel too
rain angel
just something I threw together today c:
I am a self confessed pluviophile, the rain is one of my favorite things in life and, despite my own wishes, I can't write every poem about Moi haha (love you, bub!)
Everyone please enjoy this.  And stay strong,  I believe in you. 

I really want to get better with my poetry haha I nearly changed my mind about posting this when I glanced at the example piece for nature free verse poetry wow it totally left mine in the dust but I hope it makes people happy

A rain angel is like a snow angel, it is a human imprint. C:

other poem: d e a r . y o uyou wrapped my wounds
in nebulae
you kissed the scars and left
a trail of stardust behind
a sweet universe of you
to us, distance
real distance
is relative, [you and I] are all too grateful
that our distance is only that of            
when it could have been worlds
                        Or galaxies
like the same I saw in your eyes
deep and dark
and flecked with
our hearts are the nurseries of newborn stars
we don't know anything about what is to come
and how very,
very Bright
We will
later on.
we are unfathomable depths,
we are limitless leagues beyond reach
what we are cannot be contained in a simp
i think it's time for another switcharound meme!
7 deviants said gather round friends, if you're an intermediate artist and you're interested LEMME KNOW :la:
7 deviants said *0*
4 deviants said past memes: Switcharound Number 3 c: by KeiichouSwitcharound Meme 2 by KeiichouSwitcharound Meme! by Keiichou
v2. headache by Keiichou
v2. headache
edit: so i really hated alois' eyes in the last version so i redid them C: 

Goretober Challenge
Prompt: Torture
Victim: Alois Trancy

i'm afflicted with chronic headaches,  and when i was rolling around in pain from the latest headache last night ((because we were out of painkillers)), i sort of imagined drilling a hole in my head to let out the pain. (kinda like in Saw )

and i thought, 'note to self: this'd be a sweet prompt for torture'. so it started off as a drill until i decided who i was drawing. alois is from the victorian era or something so they didn't have power drills. he originally had a knife. and blood. then i wanted it more PG. as the picture kept changing, the theme kept changing too?? now it's just all this fucked up stuff in his head because alois is a poor tortured boy and his head hurts so he's bleeding demon goo (damn you claude leave him alone) i guess it is torture but alois doesn't mind because he fucking loves it 

tl;dr i guess claude is giving him a migraine because he loathes his shota ass 

anyway;; ignore the fact that this is kuro haha  bye 

dysphoria :T

Tue Oct 14, 2014, 2:20 PM

Hahaha guys so remember how I was like super pumped to try and wear mori style fashion 
like i still am 
but now that my stuff's been arriving i only feel comfortable wearing like 20% of what's come so far because gender dysphoria or just generally 'this piece of clothing is too out-there for me to wear i'll draw too much attention'

and when i wear it i feel more self-conscious and prone to anxiety than usual 

yesterday a shirt arrived that had a longish lace hem and it could almost have been a dress and i put it on and then mother saw me and she was like 'OHHH PRETTY!!!  AWW THAT'S REALLY CUTE!!!" 
me: steamrolled by dysphoria, and my anxiety just skyrocketed until i took it off D| 

and like it's been so hard to get her to even remotely recognize my identity (she still calls me a woman) and i feel like she was so happy that i was wearing something girly again  like she's totally thinking OH SHE'S GONNA STOP THIS TRANS NONSENSE I KNEW IT WAS A PHASE THANK GOODNESS 

really shitty :c  -wears boy clothes forever- 

Skin by SimplySilent
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